National Journals:

In 2016

1. S.Padma and K.Latha, 'Multiple-loop PI Controller design for TITO system using Teaching Learning Based Optimization', Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.9 (12), pp. 1-6, March 2016.

In 2013

1. Mythili Asaithambi, Sujatha C Manoharan and Srinivasan Subramanian. (2013), 'Prediction of spirometric forced expiratory volume using Multiple ANFIS and Complex ANFIS', Journal of the Instrumentation society of India, vol. 43, No. 4,pp 257-260,2013.

2. Sivakamasundari. J, Kavitha. G, Sujatha. C. M and Ramakrishnan. S, 'FPGA Hardware Synthesis of Thresholding Algorithms for Detection of Glaucoma in Retinal Fundus Images,' Journal of the Instrument Society of India, Vol. 43, N0. 4, pp-270-273, December 2013

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